Have you bought gold spray paint and its just not gold really?? What the heck, the cap is gold?!

Ive become a spray painting geek. Ive tried some various cans and found out they were total ‘fake’ outs and not really a yellow gold at all. The cap looked a yellow gold though…

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There is definitely different colors of gold.

Best gold spray paint.

Rust-Oleum has many shades of gold. I cannot tell the difference between the two color wise with the Rust-Oleum in the green and white can like pictured above.

I like the white can because the spray nozzle is better like pictured below.

Best gold spray paint

Best gold spray paint.

Top left to right:

Valspar, Rust-oleum Pure Gold, Design Master 24 Karat

Bottom left to right:

Krylon, Rust-oleum, Rust-oleum Mirror Effect, Rust-oleum Metallic Warm Gold

Krylons and Valspars Gold, not a yellow gold. Krylon is a blush tone gold color. Valspar is more like a bronze color, I guess maybe a golden bronze?

Anyone into to an antiqued bronze/brass/gold look Valspar gold would be up your alley. I do love the color of Krylons gold its just not yellow. I think its a ‘modernized’ gold.

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Krylon and the Design Master 24 Karat have a similar color tone.

Best gold spray paint colors.

For me, Rust-Oleum is winner winner chicken dinner as the ‘best‘ gold spray paint. Im choosing because they are yellow gold shades. Good coverage too, they all have equal coverage. I’ll go over the other colors of gold below.

Best gold spray paint colors.

Best gold spray paint colors.

I just want to note: When you clear coat most metallic paints it dulls the finish, even with a high gloss top coat. Metallics just don’t need a top coat. If you used a top coat… and bah, looks eh now.. Just spray another coat of your color over the top coat.

Fixed! Do light coats though because you don’t want your paint to wrinkle/bubble like this photo below. This usually happens because its a heavy coat and ‘too wet’ so its breaking down your other coats making it wrinkle.

Spray paint wrinkling and bubbling

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Also gold will tarnish just like jewelry. Any of the shiny metal finishes will tarnish. You’ll see finger prints, water spots, etc.

Use the shiny metal finishes more for decor pieces not handled often.

Painting 15 gold mason jars for your wedding? Wear gloves to pack them up and during set up to avoid finger prints, etc. Dry water spots quickly.

Best gold spray paint colors. Rust-oleum, Krylon, Design Master.

More gold spray paint colors from Rust-oleum. Mirror Effect, Metallic Warm Gold and Pure Gold.

The Mirror Effect doesn’t look much different than their gold picture above in the post. Kind of a ‘fail’ for a mirror effect like Krylons Looking Glass or Rust-oleums Mirror Effect Silver. Both are pretty equal for the mirror look.

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Spend the money on the big cans above I declared ‘winner’ if you want a yellow gold metal finish…

Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint colors. Painted on glass mason jars.

Pictured above.

Rust-oleum Mirror Effect, Rust-oleum Metallic Warm Gold, Rust-oleum Pure Gold

I dig the Metallic Warm Gold, its more of a muted gold with a shimmer finish. Not a huge fan of the Pure Gold but, it may work for you.

The Warm Gold/Pure Gold would be recommended for things handled more often like knobs or furniture. They wont tarnish like the shiny metal gold.

Using on knobs or the like you use often you will probably have to do a touch up eventually. Nature of the beast. ha ha.

Some other pictures just to show colors.

Rustoleum gold spray painted mason jars

Rust-oleum Gold: Green Can.

Rusto-leum Gold, Copper, and Krylon Gold.

Rusto-leum Gold, Copper, and Krylon Gold.

Krylon gold spray paint.

Krylon Gold

What paints have you tried and your favorite? I know there are other brands floating around. Whats your favorite gold?

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Best gold spray paint colors. Rust-oleum, Krylon, Design Master.

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