Lets talk rose gold spray paint colors! I also show some acrylics.

I have bits of copper/rose gold mixed in with my gray, white and aqua-teal colors in my home.

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My iPhone is Rose Gold! 😀 My car rims are too… Yup I that geek! haha

Ok back to spray paint!

The winner for me… Krylon Rose Gold 53588. Has a nice shiny metal finish. I think its the perfect rose gold shade, to me its the closest to actual rose gold. The Design Master is nice too but a bit more pink like the iPhone.

I just want to note: Be careful handling your finished project as you can leave finger prints from oils from your hands. Any of the shiny metal finishes like this will do that.

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Jars left to right: Krylon Dusty Pink, Krylon Rose Gold, Design Master Rose Gold, Krylon White Copper.

Different light.

I could only find the Krylon Rose Gold and Design Master at the craft store in my area and online. Amazon link bomb to buy your Rose Gold paint. 😀

Update 6/2018: The Valspar Rose Gold is no longer available at Lowes and discontinued but I do have some in stock for sale in my Etsy shop. I can also just send you an invoice to buy if you contact me.

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Valspar Rose Gold spray paint

An acrylic alternative for Valspar Rose Gold. Rose Chrome.

Valspar rose gold alternative

This Rust-oleums Metallic Rose Gold. 286564. Its more of a tanish shade, not a bad color but a Rust-oleum fail! haha. I hope they improve it as Im a Rust-oleum fan. I was hoping it looked better than the cap.

Many cap colors are a bit off with metallics…

Rust-oleum rose gold spray paint color

This Elite pint jar below is really a copper but its very pink toned. Funny this is a copper so pink and the rose gold above is ‘tan’.

Blush copper spray paint. Use as rose gold.

Its Rust-Oleum, we could call it a ‘blush copper’. Its 7273 Copper Metallic is the color. I found this color at Valu Home Center in my area. Only place I could find it local.

I saw some on Ebay and found it on Amazon but you have to buy it by the case(6 cans). This copper is good for handling, it wont tarnish and leave finger prints like the shiny finish.

7273 Copper Metallic

Update: 6/2019

Rustoleum Desert Rose Gold. This version of rose gold spray paint can be used on handles, etc. Its more durable for handling. I found it at Home Depot.

Rustoleum Rose Gold spray paint, Desert rose gold

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This is a copper but its very rose gold! Rustoleum Bright Coat Copper.

Update: 9/19 Rust-oleum introduced Bright Coat Rose gold. Its very similar to Kyrlon. I found it at Home Depot.

Rose gold spray paint. Rustoleum.

Acrylics & Other Rose Gold Paint

Martha Stewart Brand is called Rose Copper.

Craft Smart is Rose Gold. This paint is thick! Its a ‘wax’ this can work well for buffing over another finish to give an ‘aged’ look but with rose gold.

Dont mind the paint job! LOL I just did some quick coats to photograph showing the color for you.

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I did a ‘buff’ on these mason jars with the Craft Smart Rose Gold.

I’ll add other colors as I find them and update this post.

Have you used any Rose Gold or other paints that are a rose gold shade? Are you a rose gold color junkie like me? ha ha.


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Rose gold spray paint colors.

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