Krylon Chalk Finish Paint

Krylon Chalk Finish Paint

Some goodies about Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint.

Oh yes, chalky spray paint! Hallelujah, right?! Let me say, with the colors Ive tried, Krylon did well. Im kind of a Krylon ‘hater’.

Their Masters formulas anyways…

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Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Pink, teal, gray and ivory.

I think the chalk paint has really great coverage and its Ultra matte. Krylon also has a spray wax top coat offered for the chalk paints.

The wax top coat came out a bit blobby and collected blobs at the nozzle too. Even after shaking A LOT!

Blot those blobs, the wax spray does have a yellow hue. Besides the blob issue the wax spray seems alright but, I haven’t used any other chalk paint or wax though.

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My experience being a DIY geek… other waxes on the market will work better for a top coat. Particularly for furniture and large pieces. Go another route for a wax finish.

Ok, onto some colors!

Tidal Blue, its a great teal color. Rust-Oleum also has a color very similar called Lagoon. Its a bit darker though.

Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Pink, teal, gray and ivory.

This is the Bonnet Pink, I think its a nice soft pink color. I just used a top coat with the pink instead of the spray wax, it worked just fine.

Valspar flat clear coat, its my favorite! I’m obsessed with it! LOL

Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Bonnet Pink. Painted on glass.

I LOVE how matte it is, I’m a matte finish fan! Those of you that love Ultra matte like me you’ll love this spray paint.

Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Pink, teal, gray and ivory.

I also used the spray wax in my dog treat jar post. The colors I used were glossy and I wanted a more matte finish. I was just using it up, I wont buy it again until its improved.

Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Pink, teal, gray and ivory.

Update: For furniture Ive been using Rust-oleum Chalked for a top coat.

Onto gray and ivory. They have two gray colors one is cooler and one is warmer. Colonial Ivory and Misty Gray.


Um, yea, ‘lost’ the caps… as per usual…

Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Pink, teal, gray and ivory.

This one is a ‘cooler’ gray. The other I saw was Paver Gray, more of a warm ‘tanish’ gray.

These two jars do not have a top coat. Supppperrrr matte and smooth!


Ivory again. I decorated the jar from above. πŸ™‚

If you are a spray paint beginner check out my tips post on using spray paint.

Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Colonial Ivory.

You can find this chalky finish spray paint at the craft stores. Use a coupon, its more pricey over spray paint! Ive seen it AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and Micheal’s.

The chalk paints and chalky finishes always seem to be more expensive. I buy mine at Valu Home Center in my area.

You can see more colors used from Cyndy at Creativity Exchange.Β She used white and another gray shade I didn’t even know they had. We are both diggin’ this paint.

Update: 11/20/2016Β  You can see I used it on my file cabinet and stand in this post.


Have you tried any of Krylons Chalky Finish spray paints? How about other chalk paints? Whats your favorite?

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Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint. Pink, teal, gray and ivory.

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