Rust-Oleum vs Valspar vs Krylon Color Comparison

Rust-Oleum vs Valspar vs Krylon Color Comparison

More spray painting goodies! Color comparisons!

Rust-Oleum vs Valspar vs Krylon. I have my Spray Painting Tips post so now its time for some color comparing.

I only go over so many colors in this post so don’t hesitate to ask about other colors.

Rose gold mason jar wedding decor.
Krylon High Heat Copper
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Each brand has a strong and weak side. Ive literally gone through 450+ cans of paint!

Valspar and Rust-Oleum are my favorites. Some colors it will come down to personal preference because they have equal coverage, etc.

Vaslpar spray paint

I have the least amount of issues with Valspar as far as chunks, dripping nozzle and dud cans as well. Valspar just always has a nice smooth even finish and smells better.

I also never have clogs, Rust-Oleum is a bit weaker in this area.

Spray paint color comparing. Valspar vs Rustoleum vs Krylon.

I have to monkey around and switch out spray caps. This is for their 2x coverage color formulas. I don’t have issues with the metallic they carry. I Love their metallic.

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Over all Im in love with Vaslpar. I don’t affiliate with them or the like, yet anyways… πŸ™‚ I just love their colors and finishes more.

Ombre pink and aqua mason jars.
Valspar Colors

Krylon is the worst with chunks, runny paint and uneven spraying. I’m really not trying to be a Krylon hater but, the Color Master formulas need improvement.

I like their metallic and the newer chalk paints. I’m Totally digging the chalk paint!

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Spray Paint Color Comparing

Santa painted mason jar.


For basic red Valspar all the way. They have a deep red, a bright red, and their Radiant Red. I’m the biggest fan of the Radiant Red, its like when you find the perfect red lipstick!

Rust-Oleum is not bad but, I have to use more coats for the red the get the coverage I need with a basic red. Other reds are much better like their Cranberry, etc.

Krylon Color Master formula… forget it! Go for the Dual formula if you use a Krylon red, its better than the Masters line.


Blue and orange SU painted mason jars.


Valspar all the way for me! Rust-Oleum is good on coverage too. Its a color preference here. Krylon is a total fail.



Pencil painted mason jar teachers gift.


Again Valspar here but, Rust-Oleum is neck and neck as far as coverage. I like the yellow colors Valspar puts out over Rust-Oleum though. This is just a personal preference.

Krylon, I love their pale yellow color but, its weaker and I have to use more paint for coverage.



Vintage green mason jars. Atlas and Ball.


This is another Valspar but, Rust-Oleum is neck and neck for coverage. Rust-Oleum has some green shades Valspar doesn’t offer.

Krylon, Ive only tried their mint shade for a green. Nice color but, more coats to get that coverage.

Between Valspar and Rust-Oleum is just a color preference choice.

Blue painted mason jar quarts.


Valspar is the ‘winner’ but, again neck and neck for coverage with Rust-Oleum. I like the navy shades and baby blue from Valspar over Rust-Oleum.

As shown in the picture above the sky blue color is from Rust-Oleum. Valspar doesn’t have this color.


Purple painted mason jars.


For coverage Valspar and Rust-Oleum. Valspar ‘fails’ here as they only have one shade of purple I can find, the paint is great but, only one shade. They need Lilac type shade! LOL. Update: Valspar does have a new Lilac type shade now! πŸ™‚

Rust-Oleum and Krylon offer very similar colors for purple. I like Krylons light purple shade(super close in color thought) over Rust-Oleum but, again its weaker for coverage so I go for the Rust-Oleum.

Pink mason jars.
Valspar Colors


Valspar is a ‘winner’ here. I just like their shades a bit better and their smoother finish. Valspar and Rust-Oleum pinks are So close in color and coverage though. I really like the shade of pink Krylon offers but, its weaker coverage and that chunk issue! The pink is one of the worst offenders for chunks.

I shake my cans to death, then shake them more!Still chunks!




Ive only used Rust-Oleum and Valpsar for white, its neck and neck. Both brands you’ll need an extra coat or two to get full coverage.

Update: Krylon Dual formula white is equal as far as coverage.




Β Ivory

This one is a personal preference. All three brands are close if you use the Dual formula Krylon. The dual formula is much better than the Color Masters.

They are really close in color as well. I really like Krylons Ivory Chalk Paint, its a bit more darker in Ivory color though. You want a light ivory go for Valspar or Rust-Oleum.


Turquoise and teal mason jars. Elite Ball pints.
Krylon & Valspar

Turquoise & Aqua

Valspar all the way! I like the shade Krylon offers for aqua but, weak on the coverage and that damn chunk issue! LOL. Rust-Oleums turquoise is great but, their aqua is more a light blue over a real aqua shade.

The coverage is good just not a true aqua like an aqua lover would like! Like I am, Im in love with Valspars aqua! Its the perfect shade to me. Ha ha!

Update 10/2015: Rust-Oleum has introduced new aqua shades. Ones a high gloss enamel. Great shades of aqua.




Valspar is the winner for me with the chocolate brown like pictured above but, Rust-Oleum is close second. Rust-Oleum offers more shades of brown too.

Both have good coverage.



Rust-oleum metallic spray paint colors


Rust-Oleum and Krylon are total winners here. Rust-Oleum excels with metallic. Valspar ‘fails’ here, well, the sliver is not bad but the gold, total fail.

Its not a yellow gold. They have their new rose gold but, its not really rose gold its more a pinkish silver. I do love the color but, not rose gold to me. I show it in this post.

Valspar gold more of a golden bronze shade you can see in my Gold Spray Paint Comparison Post.

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Clear Coat

Valspar is my favorite, its So smooth. They offer satin, flat, and gloss. Rust-Oleum and Krylon have the three variations in finish as well but, to me they just are not as smooth.

Their mattes are just not as matte as Valspar. You want ‘ultra’ matte go for Valspar for sure.


Pink and aqua painted mason jar decor.
Valspar Colors

Another Valspar plus… I never have issue with wrinkling and bubbling like this picture. Krylon and Rust-Oleum do this more easily.

I go over why this happens in my paint tips post. As much as I’m a spray painting ‘pro’ it still happens to me sometimes!

Valspar is Perfect beginner spray painting, its practically drip proof.(The style cans with no caps like pictured above)

Rust-Oleum and Krylon easily drip, Particularly Krylons Color Masters.

Update: Rust-Oleum is pumping out some new shades lately I’m digging! I have to try! There are other color shades I didn’t go over in this post so feel free to ask about other colors.

More spray paint posts.

I covered some of the basic for shades. Ive used SO many colors! Ha ha.

Do you have a favorite shade and brand?

Mini update. Valspar has changed their look and has new colors. I haven’t tried the new colors but I took some quick cell phone shots last trip. πŸ™‚

valspar spray paint colors-2 valspar spray paint colors-3

valspar spray paint colors-4 valspar spray paint colors

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