Control Your Ribbon Ends Without Tape or Pin

Is your ribbon a tangled mess?

Like my disaster of ribbon in this picture…

tame ribbon ends

Ive been doing some projects requiring ribbon so I really needed to turn my mess of ribbon to a much neater mess.

Yes, a neater mess, ha ha if I could only had a workshop-craftroom like I see on Pinterest…

Mine are in a plastic bin for now, I only use it so often so its been neglected.

ribbon ends

I just need a way to keep the ends under control. I loose pins and tape leaves residue.

Tape also likes to turn weird and can leave a nice brownish yellow mess behind.

This trick works perfect for ribbon with cardboard spools. Quick and simple fix!

Cut a slit at an angle into the cardboard spool. I find the angle works better than a straight cut. I tried both.

tame ribbon ends-2

Then take the ribbon and slip it into the slit you just cut. As you use the ribbon just cut new slits as needed.

With wider ribbon cut the slit as much as you can and fit half the ribbon width into the slit, it still works like the thinner ribbon.

tame ribbon ends-3

tame ribbon ends-4

You can see a pile I did here.

tame ribbon ends-5

Now I can line them in my bin.

Do you have an organizing tip for a workshop or craft room? Please share yours in the comments below!

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