I haven’t tried all the colors just yet but have used a bunch when I sold mason jars on the internet.

I’ll keep updating this post as I try more colors. Update: I added more colors below. 11/6/2016

Rust-Oleum Metallic is a shimmer type finish and very smooth. Im going to list the colors in my pictures. These are the trigger spray nozzle cans. The Universal.

The copper is Krylon though, jar top middle. The rest of the jars are Rust-Oleum.

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Rust-oleum metallic spray paint colors

Top Row Left to Right:

Oil Rubbed Bronze, the Krylon Copper, Satin Nickel

Bottom row Left to Right:

Champagne Mist, Flat Burnished Amber, Aged Copper, Flat Chestnut

Aged Copper again.

Rust-oleum metallic spray paint, Aged Copper.

More Satin Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze.


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Rust-oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint finish. Painted glass mason jar.


Rustoleum metallic colors on painted mason jar decor.

From left to right. Champagne Mist, Krylon Copper, Aged Copper,Β Flat Burnished Amber,Β Satin Nickle, Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Updated Colors.


Rust-oleums Metallic Rust and Sienna Mist. I think these are some nice fall colors.


More colors, Champagne Pink, Pearl Mist and Sea Mist. Of course I had to try the Sea Mist, hello… Aqua! haha.


I Love all these colors! They all have a shimmer finish.



I flipped the jars so you could see the finish more.


Love, love, love ! πŸ˜€


Some other golds.


The middle Jar is called Metallic Warm Gold 286524.

Rust-oleum metallic gold spray paint colors.

More silver gray shades.

Rust-oleum silver and gray spray paint colors.

The Flat Soft Iron and Dark Steel. Pretty close in color, the Dark Steel has a bit more of a shiner finish.(Dark Steel jar on right)

Rust-oleum silver and gray spray paint colors. Flat Iron and Dark Steel.

The mini jar shown here is the Titanium Silver. Has that shimmer finish and a nice silver.

Rust-oleum silver and gray spray paint colors. Titanium Silver

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Ya like that mess of a can? LOL. It happens sometimes… The two pint size jars below are the Krylon and Rust-oleum silvers. You can barely tell the difference.

Rust-oleum silver and gray spray paint colors.

You can see the Titanium Silver is pretty close in color too.

That was the last of updated colors…

The blue is auto paint all the rest are Rust-Oleum metallics. Dupli Color is the blue, was discounted way back when so I dont remember the color…


Now, onto more Rust-Oleum metallic style finishes. This line is more ‘metal’ looking. Shiny. Krylon makes some shiny colors too.

Colors in these style cans.

Rustoleum gold spray paint.

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The copper, yellow gold and silver are the Rust-Oleum. I love them all! LOL

You can see how the finish is more shiny like metal over the other metallic pictured above.

Painted mason jars with Rust-oleum metallic spray paint colors. Silver, gold, copper.

Ive also used some of the hammered metal finishes. Its has a textured look. Works good for a surface with some imperfections.

I recommend using the shiny finish metallics with more decorative pieces, it tarnishes with oils from your hands and water will leave spots.

I also saw a clear top coat pearl finish so you can give a metallic like finish on any color. They are all in the same style trigger spray cans. Found them at Home Depot and Amazon.

A cell phone shot at Home Depot. Oopsi… forgot to take it out of square mode for Instagram… haha.

Have you tried any of the metallics? What did you paint? What is your favorite color?

Rustoleum clear coats.


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20+ shade samples. Rust-oleum metallic spray paint colors. Silvers, grays, golds, coppers, etc.

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