I have a collection of fruit painted mason jars… Today is a watermelon painted mason jar! Are you ready to make a a watermelon jar or? You could do this on a pot or the like.

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Update: I updated this post with an acrylic painted jar with glitter instead of spray paint in case you landed here from an old Pinterest pin.

This is acrylic paint. Didnt have the colors I really wanted so I did some mixing! The pink wasnt quiet right so I added a bit of red. Same with the green for the rim. I just did a light coat for the green as its going to be covered in glitter.

For this tutorial Im using a stamp method for the seeds.

You could hand brush paint or even use a permanent black marker to make your seeds. Or Sharpie oil pens. Stamping is quicker!

I have a thing for organic style stamping so that is what I used. I cut a seed shape out of that craft foam and stuck it to a chalk holder pen.

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Here she is all done with is green twine tie I added.

Have you made any fruit style mason jars or a watermelon? Ive seen some fun ones floating around Pinterest!

Stamped Jars


Watermelon mason jar.

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