Spray Glitter VS Loose Glitter

Time to talk about spray glitter vs loose glitter. I favor the loose glitter because of the coverage and glitter spray cans tend to clog….

Some gold glitter comparing. This is a jar using loose gold gold glitter and glue like my tutorial.

Tutorial using loose glitter and glue.

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This jar I used Krylons Glitter Blast sprays. Golden Glow its called, its a finer glitter and this jar has a gold base coat. I used Rust-Oleums gold spray paint.

Ive used white, black, silver, red, and gold spray glitters.

Using the spraysit blasts out of the can, be careful right out of the gate. Dont be like me and blast it all over! LOL

Gold spray glitter on mason jars.

Gold spray glitter on mason jars.

Using it without a base coat of gold paint just doesn’t have quite the coverage like it appears on the jar above.

I used three coats of glitter spray on the jars below. (Silver is Valspar)

They could use another coat or two for my liking… This will be up your alley if you’d like a more transparent finish. Perfect for luminaries!

Gold and silver spray glitter mason jars.

Its really going to be a personal preference for what you need. Full coverage or more transparent. I have more jars and glitter projects below I use glitter sprays and loose glitter.

This picture I used the black, white, and red sprays over spray paint. Krylons black Starry Night has a some silver shimmer to it too.

The red is Valspar. Update: 2/19 They no longer make…

Santa and snowman mason jars for gifts

I have a love hate for the sprays, they clog more easily! And they are more pricey…

I have two cans of gold spray glitter I have to return right now! LOL The gold seems to have the most issues out of all the colors Ive tried.

Krylon glitter spray gold

I used gold spray from Valspar and Krylon.

Needed a return… One can just stopped working mid project! LOL It annoys me when cans stop working… Ive had many other colors do it too! Now have to take a trip to the store mid project..

Ya know you’re in the groove then having to stop? Boo! Ok, enough yammering back to glitter!

Both style glitters should have a clear gloss top coat to prevent shedding and some of the sprays stay a bit tacky. Do at least three coats to help with shedding and protection.

Im going to show more glitter mason jars using the loose glitter. I’m a fan of the glue and loose glitter way for sure.

Rose gold glitter. You can see how solid the glitter coverage is.

Rose gold vases

Some black glitter, this is more chunky style glitter.

Black glitter mason jar business card holder.

Another fine glitter, Rose Gold over a pink base. I just brush painted the glue on top of the jar.


Some ‘chunky’ turquoise glitter from my upcycled light bulb. You can see how solid the coverage is with the loose style glitter. See in this post.


Ive also used spray adhesive with the loose glitter. While it works, its makes a sticky over spray mess and it never really dries.

The two kinds of glue spray I tried seemed to stay a bit tacky on my jars. It also can spray out clumpy. It did not work as well as I liked…

I also just saw a tutorial using double sided stick tape. Seemed to work well. I haven’t tried this method yet.

Modge Podge, Elmers Glue-All or any Elmers would work. Heck. even wood glue will work. LOL

Trick is the top coat for a lasting finish, even with a quick gentle hand washing. Ive washed plenty of glitter jars.

Do you have a glitter project in mind?

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Spray glitter vs loose glitter on mason jars and glass.

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  1. Tom S

    I’m using Kylon Glitter Blast Cherry Bomb, for my dune buggy project. I’m almost only halfway complete, after going through 12 (TWELVE) cans! The big problem is (like you mentioned) CLOGGING CAN NOZZLES! Not one can completely emptied, before clogging. Better than half of them clog almost as soon as I start to spray. Is there a correct way to shake and prep a high glitter can of spray paint? If I shake it up and down, is the glitter maybe clogging the top of the can? This paint is pricy too!…. ANY TIP APPRECIATED!

    02/06/2022 at 12:40 am Reply
  2. allison hess

    I just glued loose glitter on a bunch of letters. I have some clear protective enamel spray paint in my closet and was wondering if I could spray over it to make the letters last

    08/13/2018 at 12:51 am Reply
  3. Terri

    I learned a trick today! When your glitter paint can clogs, remove the spray cap (mine is Rust-Oleum, so it’s a red cap) and spray a tiny bit of WD-40 in. Shake off the excess and return the cap. Works like a charm!

    07/15/2018 at 9:53 pm Reply
    • Kelly

      Awesome, thank you for sharing!! 🙂

      07/16/2018 at 12:57 am Reply
  4. […] I wasn’t a fan of the spray adhesive, it never really ‘dries’, it can also come out clumpy, and the over spray… sticky mess it makes! I stick to the brush and glue. I’ll eventually do a post on using the glitter sprays. Update: Spray Glitter VS Loose Glitter. […]

    12/16/2016 at 2:57 am Reply
  5. […] I stick to the brush and glue. I’ll eventually do a post on using the glitter sprays. Update: Loose Glitter vs Spray Glitter. […]

    12/05/2015 at 11:22 am Reply
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