Best gold spray paint colors.

Best Gold Spray Paint

Have you bought gold spray paint and its just not gold really?? What the heck, the cap is gold?! Ive become a spray painting geek. Ive tried some various cans and found out they were total ‘fake’ outs and not…

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Pastel Painted Mason Jars for Easter Decor

Im going to share some of my pastel painted mason jars! A little Easter pastels! Lets think of spring! Its freeze right now in NY…. The pastels are perfect for Easter, baby showers, and parties. If you’d like to paint…

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Reclimed wood rustic coffee table.

DIY Coffee Table with Reclaimed Wood

One of my construction buds hooked me up! I love old wood! Scrubbed it down and did a red mahogany stain. I also distressed the edges a bit and put a clear coat on top to prevent and moisture from…

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