DIY robot and monster night light using LED lights and spray paint.

Mason Jars for Christmas, Robots, Monsters, and Snowmen

I made some fun holiday mason jar gifts, snowman and Santa. I also made a robot and monster night light!

These snowmen mason jars are for my nephews to give as teachers gifts filled with candy, their mom had me make them.

I found these great free for personal use teacher appreciation printable gift tags at The Country Chic Cottage so I printed a set to use for the jars, it saved me time making some. How cute are they?

teachers gift mason jars, snowman holiday decor

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I also made some other jars for a holiday party she needed them for. The big jar was filled with homemade cookies! Yum! You can see the Santa mason jars too. 🙂

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Christmas mason jars

Ok onto monster and robot mason jar night lights! One of my nephews Christmas gifts to match their bedrooms. One has a monster bedspread the other with robots.

I uses some painters tape and some battery operated LED lights. Using a razor blaze I carved into the painters tape. Its a bit tricky! Ha ha. I just used spray paint.

I wrapped some wire for horns and the robot antenna. I added them first so I could just spray paint right over the wire. Adding after would of just scratched the paint.

Boy do I need some wire wrapping practice! He he. They are going to love them, they have a thing with mason jars like aunt Kelly! They are five and six.



Did you make gifts with mason jars this year?

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DIY robot and monster night light using LED lights and spray paint.

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