DIY Valentines Day Love Flower Box

I bought a few of the wood love signs from Dollar Tree. They have some rougher edges so I sanded them first. I then watered down some white latex paint to give them a white wash. This post contains affiliate…

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Dollar Tree Mop Wreaths

I saw this mop wreath in a Youtube video. Ive watched so many I dont remember who… There are so many great DIY Youtubers. Ive had some of my followers ask about videos but thats a job in itself. My…

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How to Make Buffalo Check Mason Jars

I had a customer order a couple of Buffalo Check mason jars for a Christmas gift. She wants to gift them for utensil jars. This post contains affiliate links for Amazon. I make commission if you buy through my links…

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DIY rose gold cone trees

DIY Rose Gold Cone Trees

So Ive gone on a cone tree making spree and these ones are with rose gold glitter! If any of you have visited here is kind of rose gold central. Haha. Ive been meaning to make some for a couple…

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Two DIY Christmas Trees: Dollar Tree

Ive watched several Dollar Tree DIY videos on Youtube so you know I have to make some! I made a couple of tree projects. This first tree I used a basic plastic container and a winter hat. I cut off…

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How to Ombre Spray Paint Mason Jars

One of my most requested! How to ombre spray paint mason jars. Start off with painting the bottom of the jar first. This post may contain affiliate links for Amazon. I make commission if you buy through my links and…

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DIY Rose Gold Glitter Reindeer

I bought this reindeer after Christmas for 95% off! Love a deal! haha. I saw some cute glitter reindeer but didn’t want to spent that much. They were more a goldish silver color and Im a rose gold junkie. This…

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DIY Leopard print glitter mason jar organizer. Perfect for teens and animal print lovers.

Glitter Leopard Print Mason Jars

More fun mason jars! Glitter Leopard print jars with glitter. Its an organizer set for a friend, she Loves Leopard print! I first painted the jars with spray paint. I used an ivory color for the base. Related: 25 Spray…

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Lady bug painted mason jar decor.

Ladybug Mason Jar Decor

Today Im sharing this cute Ladybug mason jar. Perfect for a ladybug themed birthday party, baby shower or decor vase. I painted my mason jar red using Vaslpar Radiant Red, my favorite red spray paint! I go over some colors…

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Easter Mason Jars, Bunny and Chic

Easter mason jar time! 🙂 Bunnies and baby chick half pint mason jars! I made these for the nieces and nephews! Many of the jars I make now a days are gifts. Or I try to find new ways to…

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Watermelon Mason Jar Tutorial

I have a collection of fruit painted mason jars… Today is a watermelon painted mason jar! Are you ready to make a a watermelon jar or? You could do this on a pot or the like. This post contains affiliate…

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DIY glitter mason jar tutorial.

DIY Glitter Mason Jar Tutorial

Who doesn’t love glitter? Well, its a love hate thing because its messy! Ha ha. Glitter mason jars or adding glitter to a frame, a nic nac, burned out candle jar, wood, and so much more is pretty easy. 🙂…

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