Vintage mason jars pints Ball

Vintage Mason Jar Finds

I stopped into a local vintage shop looking for some vintage postcards for a future blog post recently.

Any time I stop I always ask if he has mason jars, Im a sucker for the vintage jars, I collect the blue ones.


Vinatge mason jars


Half the lids have a bit of rust spots and others are perfect.

They still had the paper seal protectors, Ive never seen those till this buy! I cant wait to paint some!

I’ll have to keep a few myself.

One Im going to paint and send to a blogger friend, she has promoted me several times on her blog, And she bought mason jars from me!


Vintage mason jars pints Ball

Id love for them to go back to this shape pint!

Its one of my favorite style jars, they are a bit more square with ribs. I dont know if they even make the brass lids anymore or with all its ‘fancy’ stuff on the lids.

The ones I buy are silver and the lids are more simple.


Vinatge ball mason jars


Dating mason jars can be tough sometimes, you have to go by the logo, some stages of the logo went for years so it make the jars tougher to ‘exact’ date.

That said, I did find this doing research trying to date these jars, Im guessing late 60’s based on this fun find!

A whole case for a $1.19!! LOL. Thats a single priced jar today, close to it anyways.

I found this old newspaper ad from via the Clovis News-Journal, a paper in New Mexico. Dated June 22nd 1969.

Its interesting looking at these old ads, if that was only the price today! Ha ha!


Dating vintage mason jars.


How fun is that newspaper ad? What colors should I do?

Do you have a favorite style vintage mason jar?

Sheesh, all these questions, you’d think Im writing a book..? Ha ha.

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