Ok this is a bit late in the game but this wasn’t in the blogging ‘plan’ for before the holiday! LOL. While I don’t have a set plan or schedule for the blog as I’m a write when I have something to say type blogger…

I wanted to squeeze this in, you actuality still have time to whip this up for a gift!


I had an order come in a few days ago local so I decided to document a little while I had the opportunity. Ive just made mason jars to sell in the past before I blogged mason jar crafts so I only did product photos for listings.

I made these snowmen back in 2013. Gradually I’ll remake some jars from the past with more of a how to.

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I used acrylic paint for this one, Im a spray painter. Not a huge fan of acrylic. It has its place but, Im all about smooth spray finish.

I didn’t like it for this project. The glue dragged and bubbled on the acrylic. I used my Elmers Glue-All, love this stuff, I use it for Everything but, it acted wonky over the acrylic. Another reason to love the spray finish! LOL.

Also takes longer to brush paint over spray…

Make sure you get into all the crevices of the lettering and not too thick, it will drip. Light handed smooth brush strokes. Let it completely dry before adding a second coat. You’ll need at least three coats for a solid white.


I usually spray paint the jar white first then use painters tape and some paper to cover the white painting the rim black. Or like shown on the short Elite pints I spray paint the rim separate.

You can check out my spray paint tips post if you want to go this route.

Here we are painted and glitter done using the same method as my how to glitter mason jars tutorial.


Time to add buttons and ribbon. I use wired ribbon so we can have a flowing scarf, I just tied a knot to the side and shaped the scarf. You can use any kind of ribbon though.

You can see similar jars in this post from last Christmas without wired ribbon.

DIY glitter snowman mason jars.

If you have other color buttons just paint them black, Ive done this. πŸ™‚ Just like the gold button with the Santa jars from the post I linked above.

I also add a bit of clear nail polish to the ends of the ribbon to help minimize fraying. This will depend on the kind of ribbon you use.




This style snowman jar had the lid painted and glittered instead of the rim with just a scarf. You could add buttons to this one too.



You could easily do these jars with out the paint base coat. Your jars may be more transparent looking.

Fun gifts or decor. You could fill with candy or gift cards. Check out my DIY glitter tutorial if youre a beginner. πŸ™‚

Have you made a snowman or holiday mason jar this year?

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DIY glitter snowman mason jars.

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