Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Bar

I had a customer reach out asking about hot cocoa bar mason jars last week. She sent me an inspiration picture and I figured why not make some jars!

Its late in the season but Im still sharing, I didn’t really think about it till she reached out. Im always up for making fun mason jars!

You still have time to make some for this holiday and I will list this in my Etsy shop. Here is the picture she showed me.

This picture is from Pinterest and I cant find the original source, I even TinEyed it. If any of you know who owns this photo let me know so I can credit/link them! Its so cute! Update: 11/2021 Found the person who owns the photo. Farmtotablecreations on Pinterest.

I cut myself some stencils since I will eventually list this and repeat the jars. I may try another font.

I just printed them from my computer on card stock and Exacto knifed the letters.

Now onto the jars!

A snowman mason jar similar to the mug. Love the rosie cheeks! Sharpie Oils Pens for the face and glitter hat.

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I just painted in the spaces for the letters needed. I used a Sharpie Oil Pen for the Cocoa jar, it bled and had to do some fixing. Lesson learned! LOL

Its a bit crooked too but that was second round so Im sticking to it for the pictures! haha. I made a freehand mess first round…

The other two jars I used my airbrush gun. I had the Holly Berry stencil not used yet so wa-la! I only used the leaves and dabbed with acrylic paint for the berries..

I think I may add a couple of more jars to this! I’ll update when I do.

Have you made a hot cocoa bar? They are so fun. You could add these jars mixed in with all your other cocoa bar goodies!

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