Lego Minecraft mason jar sheep.

Minecraft Mason Jar Sheep

My nephews birthday was recently.

If you’ve read some other blog posts you can see I make them mason jars all the time. Ha ha.

I made Lego heads, Easter bunnies, and a robot & monster.

My one nephew Loves white… so Minecraft sheep it is!

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I just used spray paint and painters tape. I did all white first then layer by layer with the tape and colors. I used a tan, black and pink

I wrecked the pink with the tape and had to patch it with acrylic paint… boo! I didnt let it dry long enough…


The back is solid white. You can see I used the smooth side of the Elite style pint for the face.

I used a rubber sealer spray for a top coat, helps it from chipping. It can be a bit weird for finish but, it is more durable for my nephews ‘rough’ handling with paint chipping! LOL



He also broke one of the Lego heads I already made so I made a new one of those too. The new Lego head, I made a white one this time. 🙂 Its an upcycled candle jar. You can see the rubber spray on the eyes and mouth like I mentioned above it can be weird.


Have you made any Minecraft goodies or Lego heads? Are your kids just as obsessed as my nephews are with Minecraft? Ha ha!

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