Best rose gold glitter

Best Rose Gold Glitter

Ive tested some rose gold glitters. Ya know since Im a rose gold and glitter gal. 😉 Ive used-tested several and they all vary in shades.

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This first one by Hemway its so not a rose gold, its pink. I love the color but if you want a rose gold shade, this is not the one for you. This is the chunky style and they also make a fine too. The glitter is nice and they have many colors.

This is Martha Stewart’s Rose Quartz. Its really close to a rose gold shade. Found at Micheal’s. They have a whole line of colors in this fine glitter now.

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This glitter I found at Micheal’s too advertised for tumblers. Its Spin It brand, its their rose gold. Tumblers are all the rage so they have these new bagged polyester glitters.

Its more a pink shade over rose gold, its like a dusty rose shade to me.

Another one from Micheal’s, its a bit more of a lighter metallic look glitter. Its Creatology brands Antique Gold. I think it looks like a rose gold shade.

Works nice mixed with the the two above.

I used it to glitter my Rose Gold Glitter Reindeer.

Here it is mixed together with the Spin It. The Rose Quartz will have a similar look.

Rose golds from Bulk Glitters. This is the craft glitter version. It does not work well with solvents and can fade in sunlight, it will lose its color. Good with gloss Mod Podge or clear gloss spray paint for a top coat.

I just use Elmers for the base glue.

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They have a more chunky style too. Their Fat Flake.

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Here is the polyester version of rose gold. Its more shiny and can be used with solvents and any top coats. Its more expensive though. Both colors are a nice rose gold shade.

I did this jar with a mix of the two.

Affiliate link bombs. 😉

Bulk Glitters on Amazon

Rose Gold Glitter at Bulk Glitters official site. They carry craft glitter, polyester and cosmetic.

They have perfect small 3/4 oz jars you can buy for small projects or test the color before you buy the larger jars. They are $1.49 each for the craft glitters.

Something fun about Bulk Glitters is they have a ‘Glitterbook’. Ha ha, its like the ‘Facebook’ of glitter. Share your glitter projects and see other fun glitter projects. You’ll see updates on the newest glitters too.

Join the Glitter My World Community

They also have a YouTube channel. I mean, who doesn’t want a glitter driveway!? Me, me, me.

I’ll add other rose gold glitters as I come across them. What ones have you tried?

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