Biker mason jar gifts.

Business Branded Mason Jars

I made these mason jars as a custom order for a Christmas gift. They own a local biker bar The Happy Valley Inn.

Their daughter came to me because ya know, your parents have Everything, what do you give them? LOL. She had me make some fun jars for the bar.

Biker mason jar gifts.

You can check out their Facebook page. I attempted to make it like their logo. I actually copied off their Facebook, printed & shrunk it and used carbon paper tracing the logo on the jar.

Total fail! The carbon paper didn’t work so I had to wing it and free hand it. Im going to try the carbon paper on a matte finish and see if that works. I used acrylic paint and my Sharpie oil pen.

I painted white over some black Sharpie ‘mistakes’ and when I clear coated the jars it was bleeding through the white!

Another fail! LOL I learn new things as I try them and share so You don’t make the same mistake. This was last minute so I didn’t have time to experiment more.

Biker mason jar gifts.

I actually had to use some white spray paint. I sprayed some in a cap and brush painted over the areas that were bleeding through. Took a couple coats to cover it…

Another reason to add… not a super fan of acrylic paints… If I had every color Sharpie oil pens Id pen the whole thing! ha ha.

Lessons learned. Over all the jars are cute and they really liked them. Had to wait and share this till after Christmas. 🙂

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