DIY Yarn wrapped snowman mason jar luminary holiday decor.

Yarn Snowman Mason Jar Luminary

I came across this DIY yarn wrapped snowman luminary from Kristy Murphy.

I Love it! I spotted her tutorial on Pinterest.

I love it more because she made the scarf a teal-turquoise shade. Im all about anything aqua-turquoise-teal! LOL

Yarn wrapped snowman mason jar luminary-3

I didn’t have felt so I improvised with ribbon and glitter! You know me and the glitter! LOL.

I had the yarn already. The craft store is like a road trip now since they moved Micheal’s…

So no felt. Boo! It used to take me 5 minutes…

Yarn wrapped snowman mason jar luminary.

I was also lazy and didn’t dig out the glue gun like the tutorial. I used my handy dandy Elmers Glue-All. I have a gallon of it! LOL.

Black glitter hat on the rim of course. I have a glitter tutorial if you’re a beginner.

I also used a vintage mason jar. I used one from this post. Its a bit different than the current styles of Ball jars today.

Yarn wrapped snowman mason jar luminary.

I brushed on glue by rows. The brush I used was about a 1/2 inch so I wrapped the yarn then added another ring of glue. Worked my way down the jar ring by ring of glue. I started at the top.

Some pink wired ribbon and buttons, I like using the wired ribbon for a scarf so its ‘blowing’. A flame-less tealight candle for a luminary or you can easily use it as a gift jar.

Yarn wrapped snowman mason jar luminary.

I also made a yarn wrapped reindeer. Thanks for sharing Kristy!

Have you made a yarn snowman from her tutorial?

Follow me around. 😉

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Make something with one of my tutorials or something you were inspired by/learned here?

Hashtag it.


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