Two DIY Christmas Trees: Dollar Tree

Ive watched several Dollar Tree DIY videos on Youtube so you know I have to make some! I made a couple of tree projects.

This first tree I used a basic plastic container and a winter hat. I cut off the puff ball at the top.

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I picked this container so I didn’t have to do so much gluing. The hat fit perfect around the rim with a twine tie.

I did add some glue to the bottom to keep the hat in place.

I hot glued some floral foam I’ll use to stick the tree base in. The little tree legs dont fit so I removed them and then stuck in the floral foam.

I added some of these rocks from the Dollar Tree to give it some weight. I used these rocks for both tree projects.

The Dollar Tree trees are pretty sparse so you can use these wired garland ties they sell to fill in the tree.

I filled in the tree more then sprayed some fake snow.

If you want a nicer mini tree and make something like this Dollar Tree one I found this tree on Amazon for less than $20.

I found these ornaments last year end of season at a Dollar General. The Dollar Tree has small bulbs you could use.

I added the ornaments and filled in under the tree with greenery and pine cones. You could fill it with those tiny fake presents Ive seen or some cotton like fake snow.

Added a Dollar Tree star topper and a string of LED lights I had.

Here it is all finished. Not perfect but perfect for a small space, for the office or the like. For less than $10 its a deal.

This second one I made with the cute plastic tub.

This one I glued two trees together to make it taller and used some of the garland ties to fill in and help keep the two trees stable.

Added the fake snow to this one as well.

The tub was big enough to use the tree stand. I glued the stand pieces together and then glued it to the bottom of the tub.

I added some of those rocks I posted above for weight. I added large pine cones I picked up at Micheal’s at 40% off and some Dollar store greenery to fill in under the tree.

I didn’t add ornaments to this one but you could or those mini red bows. I just did the bow topper instead.

These are the channels I watched. KraftsbyKatelen, White Sparrow Living , Liz Fenwick DIY and Style My Sweets.

I have some other posts coming! Some cone trees and ornaments.

What DIY Dollar Tree projects have you made or your favorite YouTube videos?

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