Ten Valentines Day DIY’s

Im sharing some Valentines DIY inspiration. Many things came from dollar stores.

DIY 1:

Dollar Tree usually stocks some candle bases. The glass clear ones are easier to find but I did find one of the bigger ones.

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I painted them a white matte finish, it was black. I airbrush a lot but you could use spray paint, brush paint or leave as is.

E6000 and hot glued this Valentine heart vase from the Dollar Tree. E6000 for good bond and hot glue for a fast set.

I have this fur yarn so I added it to the bottom and a Dollar Tree wood sticker heart.

I had some left over window film, it makes it so you cant see inside but lets good light in. I used it on my workshop windows.

I cut a piece to fit the vase and used LED lights.

DIY 2:

This is a yarn wrapped cone yarn tree with some felt stickers from Dollar Tree. I used a thicker blanket yarn. Make a cone and just wrap.

A cute Valentines cone tree. I have a post on making cone trees.

You could use wood hearts too with glue. A little twine and heart topper.

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DIY 3:

I used one of Dollar Trees ‘houses’. Ripped it apart and painted the house frame with a white wash(wash-watered down paint) and added some scrapbook paper to the back.

Used some thread and made hanging hearts with Dollar Trees foam heart stickers. Added a red bow on top and lined the sides.

A house of love. 😉

You can use Dollar Trees Valentines Day gift bags instead of scrapbook paper.

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DIY: 4

A Candy heart display. You could do your kids or pet names instead. Painted the wood hearts in Candy heart colors and added a gray to age a bit.

I used a stencil that bled but you could use a Cricut or hand write/paint.

I should have just airbrushed them! haha.

Hot glued them to some Popsicle sticks and a wood dowel. I only had a short dowel but you can use a longer one and not use the Popsicle sticks.

The wood slice came from Arteza, they have such nice trunk slices. Drilled a hole to fit the dowel and hot glued/wood glued adding some Spanish Moss.

You could also make a base like I did for some of my triangle trees using wood blocks or a Dollar Tree bucket.

DIY: 5

This a heart from the Dollar Tree. I cut a heart to fit with embossed scrapbook paper and Mod Podged on.

I just used the back and covering the front with craft paper to hide the ‘mess’ instead of trying to sand or rip it off.

I buffed on some white acrylic paint with a rag lightly damp.

Makes the embossed letter pop more and softens it. You could use some of Dollar Trees Valentines Day gift bags for this too.

DIY: 6

I used larger Popsicle sticks here and used them on the back to hold them all together like a pallet. I glued with hot glue.

Painted the Popsicle sticks white and pink dry brushing for a more rustic look.

I did a hanger with twine but you could add some wood blocks/wood piece to the back for it to stand on its own.

The Dollar Tree wood hearts I did in shades of pink.

DIY: 7

This heart and wood plank came from Dollar Tree.

I sanded them down and painted. I gave the wood plank a rustic look with white and gray and the heart I painted pink.

The sides are a bit rough so I used some glitter. Coated with gloss Mod Podge so it wont shed.

Hot glued it to the plank and added a twine bow to cover the hole.

I turned it into a hanging piece but it could be used on a tiered tray or a shelf.

Its a bit front heavy so it will need to lean back.

DIY: 8

This more a makeover. I found a couple of these at Dollar General at Christmas time.

Dollar Tree can carry jars like this for seasonal items. I haven’t found any but have see others that have.

I did one for Christmas in this post and this Valentines one in blush pinks using Dollar Trees wood hearts.

DIY: 9

For this hanging piece I using some of Dollar Trees flat canvas packs.

I use a watered down acrylic paint and wiped/buffed them. I added a bit to the edge for some depth.

The wood letters I already had in my stash but you could use stickers, hand paint or your Cricut.

I painted the letters white and sprinkled a bit of glitter in the wet paint.

Good trick on painting letters is use tape or contact paper. Just do light coats so it doesn’t blob on the sides if you’re hand painting.

You can spray paint this way too.

For the O I used Dollar Trees wood stickers.

I added beads from Amazon and dyed them by soaking in watered down acrylic paint. They have a bit of a tie dyed look.

Of course a cute twine tassel. There is also some glued on ‘Jenga’ wood blocks on the back so it hangs more even because of the beads.

DIY: 10

A fabric covered heart. I used one of Dollar Trees wood hearts with some cute fabric I found at Walmart, it was a fat quarter.

Used a bit of fake battling like snow I had and cut to fit the heart so I could make it pillow like.

Cut the fabric about an inch bigger than the heart and wrapped it gluing to the back.

Added one of Dollar Trees felt hearts and one of their heart bracelets.

A bonus heart just using scrapbook paper.

Some on display at my shop, I only have so much space to decorate and its a work shop. I have a living room space and the rest is work area, shipping station and stock so its not ‘pretty’. Haha.

This is a wall shelf next to my Valentines Day tree. Ive decided to just leave my tree up at the shop instead of hauling it home doing it for all holidays.

I have some more Valentines Day DIY’s coming so stay tuned!

What have you made this year? Do you have a favorite?


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