Dollar Tree Christmas Decor Makeovers

Some Dollar Tree makeovers. I bought a couple of trees, a plain wood sign and an ornament. I so forgot to take a picture of the wood sign and the tinsel tree… The Merry and Bright sign was just basic…

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DIY rose gold cone trees

DIY Rose Gold Cone Trees

So Ive gone on a cone tree making spree and these ones are with rose gold glitter! If any of you have visited here is kind of rose gold central. Haha. Ive been meaning to make some for a couple…

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One Hit Wonder Rose Gold Paint -High Heat

If any of you have visited here before you may know I test many rose gold paints, well many paints! One Hit Wonder is one of them. Related: Rose Gold Spray Paints This post may contain affiliate links for Amazon.…

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Rose Gold Glitter Mason Jar Lamp Makeover

I bought this at the thrift store for $5. It was already given a makeover before I did. Its some sort of metal, its solid and a more simple style. I was looking for a taller, thinner lamp. This post…

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Rose gold Mickey Mouse Mason Jar

Rose Gold Mickey Mouse Mason Jar

A friend of mines family are huge Disney-Mickey Mouse lovers. Mom also loves rose gold so I made a rose gold glitter Mickey Mouse for them. This post may contain affiliate links for Amazon, Bulk Glitters and Themeforest. I make…

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Best rose gold glitter

Best Rose Gold Glitter

Ive tested some rose gold glitters. Ya know since Im a rose gold and glitter gal. 😉 Ive used-tested several and they all vary in shades. This post contains affiliate links for Amazon and I make commission if you buy…

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Rose gold glitter spray paint

Rose Gold Glitter Spray Paint

Krylon has come out with a Rose Gold Glitter spray. Its a lighter rose gold shade. La pintura en spray Rose Gold Glitter de Krylon es una forma fantástica de añadir un toque de glamour y brillo a tus proyectos…

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DIY Rose Gold Glitter Reindeer

I bought this reindeer after Christmas for 95% off! Love a deal! haha. I saw some cute glitter reindeer but didn’t want to spent that much. They were more a goldish silver color and Im a rose gold junkie. This…

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Rose Gold Acrylic Paint for Airbrushing

I had a bunch of these jars so I decided to use them to test rose gold acrylic paint in my airbrush gun. I tested three brands. DecoArt, FolkArt and Craftsmart. Znany ze swojej bogatej pigmentacji odcień różowego złota DecoArt…

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Rose Gold Vases Oh My!

This going to be more of a promo post. This is for those of you that dont want to paint-glitter rose gold jars and would rather buy! My rose gold spray paint post is all the rage here on Sprinkled…

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Gold and Glitter for St Patrick’s Day

A little gold and glitter mason jars for St Patrick’s Day! This three set I just painted shades of gold and painted a shamrock with glue then added glitter. These are vintage Kerr wide mouth pints from the 60’s-70’s. Check…

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