Mason jar organizing.

35 Things I Store in Mason Jars

Just a fun share today. Goodies I store in mason jars. I dont have a nice storage area so I brought them out to my photo spot! LOL. One day I’ll have a dream craft space. I have a dark…

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Lavender, Peas and Green Beans Oh My

I planted some Lavender last year but it didn’t bloom any flowers… Hooray, this year I have some blooms, Im excited so I had to share! Ha ha, you know the little things in life. I want a whole field…

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Ball Mason Jar Styles

This is a collection of the current styles of jars Ball has today. They do have the blue, green and purple ones too you may still find. I dont think they are made anymore. I know there are a couple…

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Copper and Gold Painted Mason Jar Decor

Back in December 2013 or so… I listed a set of copper and gold painted mason jars… I listed them on a whim when a customer asked me to do some copper and gold tin cans for a centerpiece. Who…

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Vintage mason jars pints Ball

Vintage Mason Jar Finds

I stopped into a local vintage shop looking for some vintage postcards for a future blog post recently. Any time I stop I always ask if he has mason jars, Im a sucker for the vintage jars, I collect the…

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Vinatage Ball widemouthed quart

Dylan’s Vintage Minute: Mason Jar

Dylan’s Vintage Minute contacted me to use one of my mason jar photos for a video. How fun is that? The video is about mason jar trends. Check out her channel for other fun videos. 🙂 Follow me around. 😉…

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