Why I use affiliates and not adsense.

Why I Use Affiliates Not Adsense

Lets be honest here, most bloggers need a little extra to keep going. Even if its just the blogs basic maintenance fees like domain, hosting, pro theme, some add on plugins/services/designer fees, etc. Its some serious work running a blog.…

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5 Basic SEO Tips for WordPress

Lets chat SEO for WordPress. Well, really these tips can be applied to any blog platform. You may feel lost or think its complicated… Its actually easier than you think doing some optimizing basics! Lets set the base properly so…

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How Much Does WordPress Cost?

This post is about a private hosted WordPress.org sites. WordPress is very robust as far as customizing and cost effective. Certainly for a small business, even for a large business! You own your content with WordPress too. I think this…

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