DIY Snowball Mason Jar decor or party favors.

Snowball Mason Jar

Mason jar snowball time! Great gift jar or decor for the holidays using Snow-Tex by DecoArt.

Im using a half pint jar by Mainstay, I found this style jar at Walmart.

Snow-Tex by DecoArt

I did a light coat of white spray paint for a base using it like a primer.

You can see from the jar its paste like. This is a 4oz jar and I used about 3/4 of it to cover one jar

Snow-Tex by DecoArt

I spread it around the jar with a knife spreading it on like cake frosting. You have to do it slowly and work it around the jar.

Snow-Tex by DecoArt

I used a small paint brush to fill spots. This stuff is pretty easy to use and dried within a couple hours. I put a semi thick coat on so it took a bit longer to dry.

The fully covered jar.

Snow-Tex by DecoArt

I dusted with glitter so it will glisten like snow and added a top coat so the glitter doesn’t shed all over.

Come to find out snooping around the DecoArt products when I went to link their site to this post…

They have a glistening Snow-Tex so no need for glitter!

More glitter for me though! Ha ha. I glitter coated the lid using Elmers Glue-All and an icy blue fine lose glitter. Its a snowball so Im going with the ‘icy’ look.

Snow-Tex by DecorArt

It dries hard like plaster. Adding a blue ribbon tie, bell and my printable mason jar tags its a cute little gift jar!

Thats an Apple gift card in the jar. Gift cards fit perfect! A little candy and a gift card it can make a perfect gift.

Snow-Tex by DecorArt

Great party favor to give out at a holiday party too.

Have you used Snow-Tex? What did you use it for?

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