Time for some silver spray paint! I have my gold, copper and rose gold paint posts so now we need silver!

Silver spray paint colors Rustoleum and Krylon

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Left to right top row: Rustoleum Silver, Krylon Silver

Left to right bottom row: Rustoleum Universal Satin Nickle, Rustoleum Mirror Finish, Rustoleum Universal Dark Steel, Rustoleum Universal Flat Soft Iron, Rustoleum Textured Silver

Silver spray paint colors Rustoleum and Krylon

Rustoleum Silver in the green can is my favorite for the shiny silver finishes.

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Krylon silver spray paint

Krylons Silver has a shiny look but its a more soft buffed look I guess you could say.

Rustoleum silver spray paint

This Dark Steel from Rustoleum is a bit darker. This line from Rustoleum is good for using on knobs, light fixtures, etc as it doesnt tarnish like the shiny finishes do. The shiny finish is best for a decor piece.

Mirror finish spray paint Rustoleum

This Mirror Finish is super shiny and really meant for glass. Krylon makes some as well called Looking Glass. I think they are equal as far as color/coverage.

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This silver is pretty cool, it has a light texture to it so it can be good for a beat looking surface.

Silver spray paint colors Rustoleum and Krylon, dark silver

This is more a dark gray but I added it to the silvers. Like the can above this formula is better for fixtures, etc too.

I didnt have a can of the Satin Nickle, the vintage Atlas jar on the bottom.

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What silver spray paints have you tried?

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