Shop For Your Jars Here

Its been in the works and now its time! You can shop right here instead of my Etsy shop. Shop either, what ever works for you. Im still adding listings.

Aqua decor vases

I have a 14 day processing time. Sometimes they ship out sooner and if you have a time constraint let me know. You can contact me or just leave your need by date in the Order Notes section.

Most of the time I can get them out when needed. I’ll contact you if I cant when you use the Order Notes option. You dont hear from me, its all good. 🙂

I ship USPS 2-3 Priority.

You can buy any listing and request other colors using the Order Notes section too. I can do any colors of paint and most glitter colors as well.

I can replicate jars from the blog or just reach out if you’re looking for something. I’ll set you up a custom listing.

I obviously don’t have any reviews here yet but you can checkout my Etsy Reviews if you’d like before you buy here. 🙂

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