Plasti Dipped rims.

Rubber Spray Paint: Plasti Dip, Rose Gold

This is a whole new kind of spray paint! Well, its not new, but ‘new’.

How did I land on Plasti Dip? Let me tell you a tale of rims… This is going to be a Long post so buckle up and browse the ride.

Im going to ‘expose’ myself, more than my usual comfort zone… I know some of you other bloggers/visitors feel me. 😉

Something else about me besides being a Mason Jar-DIY-Glitter-Aqua-Wordpress-SEO-Design freak…

Im this car geek too, and I geek for Subaru WRX/Sti’s… Im on my second WRX… My first was Rally Blue with the ‘wing’ and hood scoop.

Well, here is my new sexy bitch… with the dark stock rims. Not a huge fan… They are not bad but, not for me… its for the ‘guys’.

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Now older… while I still have love for my old school 2004 WRX its a bit ‘ricer’ for me now. ha ha. My new is sleeker but, still has the ‘Subie’ I love.

A couple more geek subie meet photos! 😀



I did some rim pricing… Um yeah, while I ‘could’, I just cant bring myself to spend the money! LOL. Its one of those things… I have better things to spend on as much as I love my car….

I do like the brushed style silver rims but… Im a rose gold fan.

Pffft, actual ‘Rose Gold’ rims… This rim is not my style but if you Google… they are all pricey! Hell to the no am I paying $1200 a rim! LOL. I have love for my car and want to ‘hump’ it but aint worth no $1200 rims! LOL. Yeah I said aint…

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So now that Ive rambled on and on and on…

Plasti Dip! I went searching for ways to paint my rims. Found Dip Your Car.

Extensive how to videos.

Well! The DIY nerd I am, I was all over making my own Dip!

I bought a gallon of their Vintage Gold and ordered some red mica powder. Known as minerals, the minerals that make makeup!

Vintage Gold Plastic Dip

Vintage Gold Plastic Dip

Bought a paint sprayer too. I bought this one below, worked great with everything I needed right in a case! My first sprayer…

I filled my quart mason jar with Vintage Gold and added the mica using my mixer. I added a teaspoon or two at a time. Making a color I suggest adding a teaspoon or two at a time until you reach the color you like, you are not going by a formula, we are ‘winging’ it.

Easier to add than ‘take away’…

Dip Your Car has formulas but, not every color has one. You may be a geek like me and want to experiment. 😀

They had a formula(I messaged and asked them about rose gold) for rose gold but, it was for a whole car dip, I just dont need that much dip!(approx 5 gal)

So, I decided to make my own. I just needed enough to dip my rims…

I ordered/used an ounce of the red mica making the two quarts. I bought an ounce so it worked! Lucky for me I used to sell mineral makeup back in the day… I know minerals/micas be it cosmetic grade or not, both bang out some Serious color. Minerals/micas make paint colors, makeup, etc.

I bought my minerals from Sweet Scents, Joan is a good lady! She was one of my distributors back in the day. Most ounces are $7-$10.

I bought an ounce of Bourdeaux. For you guys… its makeup… sure… but, trust the colors are rich and pure. Its color in its purest form.

Just noting: You could use the clear Dip, add a gold/red mica to make a rose gold as well. Or whatever other color… Joan has so many colors… so does Dip Your Car. They have Pearls, Juices, etc.

Here is my dip!

Rose Gold Plasti Dip.

The DIY experience I have told me at least a quart of dip would be needed, I needed two to get into the spokes more… So Ima’ ganna tell ya, make at least two quarts so you wont run out mid project if you have rims similar to mine and you want to dip the inside of the rims too.

It was bitchy getting in the spoke side area… IJS… Spray can or sprayer some rims are just going to be a bitch achieving full coverage in the spokes.

Better to have extra… Trust me! LOL. You have extra dip badges, etc. 😉

Ok base talk.

For my base I bought it by the can, I bought white, gray and black to test. Of course I tested on some mason jars! LOL

These are the Dip ‘base’ colors, you can use alone too. You can achieve that matte look thats become popular for rims.

Plasti Dip Base.

Plasti Dip is rubber so it peels off if you want it to. Trick is putting on enough coats to get a good peel when you want to remove it. Multi coats in layers just like spray paint. I recommend 6-8 coats for a good peel.

The spray can came out really smooth and it levels itself smooth as well. Warm the dip, it will spray smoother.

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Here are my test jars. Even trying to get the hang of this sprayer! haha. My first time using one…

Plasti Dip Mason jars. Rose gold.

The base didn’t make much difference for this color but, can make a big difference for other colors. Like neon, use a white base for ‘brighter’ appearance over a gray or black base.

My rose gold dip looks more ‘pink’ in person with a shimmer finish so I tested one of Plasti Dips metalizers, Copper. They add a metallic look over a base, its transparent. You can see how it gave it a shine.

Before metalizer.

Rose gold plasti Dip.

The Copper Metalizer added. You can see how it adds more of a metallic shine.

Copper Plasti Dip.

Had to test peel too! You can see how it just peeled off clean.

Rose gold Plasti Dip spray paint.

Rose gold Plasti Dip spray paint.

This stuff is great, just think while this was intended for ‘car stuff & tools’ you can paint that vintage lamp you dont want to ‘ruin’ but want to change! They sell many colors by the can, Metalizers, glosses, and pearl finishes.

Rose gold Plasti Dip spray paint.

Ok on to the rims. Here we are cleaned drying off. Clean the crap out of your rims or whatever you are dipping. If you want it to last on your rims prep is very important. Use a degreaser, just warm soap and water, etc. Just make sure you remove all oils, brake dust, etc. I cannot stress enough on the cleanliness of your rims.


I then dried them and wiped with alcohol. I put it in a spray bottle to apply.

Extra dry/lint removal with an air compressor. 😀 Im fortunate that I have a friend with a garage and a giant air compressor! A small one can do the job too. You can use lint free cloths too.

Air compressors are handy dandy, I have a small one.


My calipers were painted white while my tires were off, this is going to help with the rust NY winters bring! LOL. They were silver and wanted them to ‘match’ haha.

White calipers.

Used some high heat Caliper paint. You must use high heat because your breaks get super hot! Found it at my local car store.

Back to the program… Painting the base.


Plasti Dipped rims.

This about 10 coats of Dip! LOL

It was tricky getting into the side of the spokes like I said above. I also did the inside of the rim. I taped off the valve stem though, I didn’t want to try peeling.

I did a light coat of the Copper Metalizer like shown above and some gloss coats.

DIY Plast Dipped rims.

You can see the peel laying in the background, you dont even need to cover your tire. I used a light coat of tire shine on my tire before the spray so it peeled even easier.

Some of the over spray buffs off with a cloth. It was ridiculous how easy it was to remove…IMO. Goo Gone is a great remover if needed. Use cotton balls.

If you dip your rims I recommend just spraying right on the tire like I did, this way you can get into the edge good. It will peel so easy if you apply the right amount of coats… save yourself the time of taping, carding, etc your tire. Also with cards/painters tape… there is a possibility of it sticking and when removed… it can start peel your rim when removing.

Warning: Peel carefully when using a card/tape method.

Ok finally mounted back on my car! After pondering my Subaru caps… I decided I needed to cover them…

White WRX.

Yup…I did it…with coat of dip and glitter! Oh yes, I glittered my caps! 😀 Im a glitter nerd.

Rose gold rims.

I sprinkled the glitter onto the wet dip, did five coats. Then I used the clear gloss to top coat the glitter.

White WRX.

Ive washed them several times. They have even been through the car wash too. Use your usual car care products.

With a good prep and enough coats it should last at least a few years. Something like mason jars or decor pieces I suppose it could last ‘forever’!?

I can easily bring everything back to stock. How awesome is that? The Dip will help protect them too!

Even if I have a crap peel when its time… Goo Gone will easily remove it.

You have something to Dip? Your rims looking like poo? Give them a facelift with Plasti Dip! 🙂

Dip Your Car shows ways to paint with rims on but, I recommend just taking them off if you can. They also show how to repair curb rash.

Please come share your Dipped projects!

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DIY rose gold Plasti Dipped WRX rims.

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  3. Lisa

    You are my hero! Thank you for this. I’ve been searching for exactly how to do this. Great tut!

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    What is the clear gloss that you used to coat the glitter? TIA.

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    Hey how long do they last on the rim

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      If you properly prep in will last a few years.

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    I love your wheels!! I’ve got a ’75 corolla that will be a show car & I found some expensive rose gold wheels that I will eventually put on there, but I think I might follow your directions for the wheels I have now to hold me over for a few years 🙂

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      Thank you! Do it, they have so many colors of Plasti Dip. 🙂 I did aqua this summer. he he.

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