Rose Gold Vases Oh My!

This going to be more of a promo post. This is for those of you that dont want to paint-glitter rose gold jars and would rather buy!

My rose gold spray paint post is all the rage here on Sprinkled and Painted at KA Styles so Ima ganna pimp out my rose gold mason jars. 😉

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Ok onto pimpin’ my jars. You can buy rose gold jars here or my Etsy shop. You can find these jars in my Rose Gold-Copper section of my shop.

Some quart size rose gold glitter jars.

A cute succulent planter or small plant pot. This jar has a drilled drainage hole in the bottom.

Rose gold succulent pot, mini plant pot planter.

Whats your sign? Some Sagittarius and Capricorn here.

Zodiac sign decor. Sagittarius and Capricorn.

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How about some rose gold glitter dipped organizing jars for your office or ya know us ladies and makeup items… 😉

You know you want the cutest business card holder ever…

Rose gold business card holder.

How about some quilted pints painted rose gold? I did this set in three different rose gold shades.

Rose gold vases, painted mason jars.

More rose gold glitter on these vintage Kerr jars from the 60’s-70’s.

Rose gold wedding shower vases.

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Some of the new decorative gift style Ball quarts. Paint and glitter mix. These jars are fun!

Rose gold vases mason jars.

You know I cant go without making something ombre! A little rose gold and gold glitter in the mix.

Rose gold and gold glitter vases.

More ombre with hearts and white gold.

If you want to do your own make sure to check out my spray paint tips post and my DIY glitter tutorial if your a paint and glitter newbie.

Dont want to do rose gold? How about some copper or gold? Check out my Paint category to see colors.

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Rose gold mason jar vases. #rosegoldwedding

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