Rose gold Mickey Mouse Mason Jar

Rose Gold Mickey Mouse Mason Jar

A friend of mines family are huge Disney-Mickey Mouse lovers. Mom also loves rose gold so I made a rose gold glitter Mickey Mouse for them.

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I made the ears with black pipe cleaners and painted them rose gold and sprinkled a fine rose gold glitter in the wet paint. I wrapped them around a jar to make a nice circle.

I used E6000 and some hot glue. I used the hot glue to keep the ears in place as the E6000 dried. Hot glue tends to break down over time so I usually use E6000 when I can.

I glued to the inside rim of the jar.

Painted the jar first a solid rose gold and then used painters tape for the glitter bottom. I used a Ball smooth face jar. I airbrushed with acrylic paint but you could spray paint or hand paint with acrylics.

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I had some left over plastic jewels I painted rose gold for the buttons and used my E6000 to glue them on. I used Elmers Glue for the glitter base and Modge Podge gloss glue for the glitter top coat to minimize shedding.

You could use clear gloss spray paint.

Buy bulk glitter and sample glitters.

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You can easily make this in traditional Mickey Mouse colors but if you ever visit here, its rose gold central. 😉 Ive seen many cute Mickey mason jars on Pinterest. I’ll have to make a Minnie.

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