Rose Gold Glitter Mason Jar Lamp Makeover

I bought this at the thrift store for $5. It was already given a makeover before I did. Its some sort of metal, its solid and a more simple style. I was looking for a taller, thinner lamp.

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Gave it a wash then I spray painted in rose gold and splashed rose gold glitter in the wet paint. I basically the threw it on the lamp! haha.

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I use the lamp at my workshop, its filled with florescent lighting… ewww. It works perfect in this corner. I didn’t need ‘fancy’ lamps, I wanted cheap and fun for the shop!

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You can buy the jar sitting on the table. 😉

Another lamp I made. This is a mason jar lamp I made as a gift for a baby shower.

I decorated these paper flowers and glued them together. I got them at Micheal’s near the scrap book section.

They are a white-ivory like shown I just painted one rose gold and added glitter.

Sprinkled some rose gold glitter on the lamp shade. I sprayed Modge Podge.

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Painted the lamp kit rose gold, it was a silver shade. Then covered a quart mason jar with rose gold glitter. Coated with gloss Modge Podge.

Paint and glitter fix everything! 😉 What have you made over? Make your own mason jar lamp?

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  1. dianne roy

    I love your mason jars, the ombre effect. You had replied to someone a couple of years ago you would do a tutorial how you create a glitter, ombre effect. Was wondering if you did a tutorial or if you could do one. Thank you

    05/10/2020 at 1:50 am Reply
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