Rose Gold Acrylic Paint for Airbrushing

I had a bunch of these jars so I decided to use them to test rose gold acrylic paint in my airbrush gun. I tested three brands. DecoArt, FolkArt and Craftsmart.

I tested them over different color bases because it makes the rose gold shades different. I did a clear, black, white and silver.

My favorite is the DecorArt. Its super thick so it needs to be thinned a lot. I use a distilled water and airbrush flow mix with the water to thin all my acrylics.

You can even add a flow mix brush painting with acrylics, it makes your paint ‘flow’ and smoother. Its like Floetrol for latex paint.

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They also have a retarder to help the paint dry slower, some acrylics dry fast! With airbrushing it can minimize dry tip using a retarder.

Use base colors just brush painting with these acrylic rose gold paints too. A base color can change the color of almost any shade you use.

Dont mind my trashed DecoArt jar… haha! #thecraftlife

Ok on to jars.

This first batch of jars is Craftsmart Rose Gold. Bases left to right: Clear, white, silver and black. You can see how the shade changes with the base color. I like all the rose golds over the black or silver bases.

This second round of jars is FolkArt Rose Gold. Bases left to right: Clear, white, silver and black. These two are very similar but the FolkArt to me is more a blush gold tone on its own. The Craftsmart is a bit more pink.

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This is the DecoArt. Ive actually used this paint for other things. Its a thick paint, it can be used on many surfaces and buffed to a ‘shine’. I like it the most over the silver base.

This one takes a bit longer to dry also.

I’ll update this post when I come across other rose gold acrylics. Have you tried any other brands of rose gold paint?


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Rose gold acrylic paints for airbrushing.

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  5. Diana

    when you say you use base colors under the rose, clear, white, black or silver are those base coats also plan acrylic paint or are they like a primer?

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    • Kelly

      They are just acrylics.

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