reviews for Sprinkled and Painted mason jars

I have been listing here to buy in recent months so I don’t have reviews yet on my site. Im still filling listings so reach out if you don’t see something listed. Request a custom order.

I do have many in my Etsy shop though. If you feel more comfortable buying from Etsy, check out my shop. I have 318 reviews there as of today.

Im going to post some screen shots of my reviews. The good and the bad. I have two one stars.

My two bad. One was totally my fault. Im human and mixed up the shipping labels. I make multiple of the same sets sometimes so I didn’t know who got the wrong set.

One reached out as soon as it was delivered and I sent her the right set.

The other buyer that got the wrong ones didn’t reach out till the review hit.

The other really it was out of my control, I rushed the order to even account for delays shipping 2-3 day Priority because of the pandemic but it was just a random get stuck for week in their state.

If I mess up Im going to fix it. A jar breaks Im going to send you a new one. Not happy you can return your jars.

This post is for transparency and maybe some that sells too, we make mistakes, we are human. Sometimes we are stuck with a bad review even if its out of our control. It is what it is selling a product or a service.

We will not make everyone happy 100% of the time. We have to own this and not take it so personal. We also have to own we are human and may mess up. Even big box stores with a whole staff mess up.

On that note shop here or Etsy and you know I have tips on making jars too. 😉

Follow me around. 😉

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