5×7 Printable Holiday Greeting Cards

Printable holiday greeting cards.

Holiday card time! I have some free downloads for you. 🙂 I used to sell these cards years ago in my digital shop but now its time to share them! I love printable holiday greeting cards because you can print what you need!

These are 5×7 cards that fit in an A7 envelope. You can find the envelopes at any craft store or online. The files are PDF’s and will print on standard card stock or paper.

They are best on card stock but can certainly be printed on paper. You can see I printed samples and embellished with a bit of glitter! You know me and the glitter… 😉

This post contains affiliate links for Amazon and I make commission if you buy through my links in the next 24 hours. See how I roll.

Of course I have some aqua going here. I have this snowman card coming out with a Valentine’s Day post saying Happy Valentine’s Day instead. 🙂


Aqua Snowman



Snowing Snowman



Mittens Snowman


Christmas Forest


These three cards below have a transparent background so you could use other color card stock. I printed them all on white.


Holiday Bulbs: Pastels



Holiday Bulb Card: Red



Have a Lucky Holiday



Merry & Bright



Blue Tree Forest


I used my paper cutter, a knife and ruler to cut and score the cards. You can use a razor blade and ruler to cut. The files have guidelines for cutting.

Here is a video on scoring cards so you have a nice fold without having scoring tools. Tip, when you do your fold, the indented side folds to the outside.

I hope you find a card you like and if you embellish come back and share! 🙂

More Printables

Free printable Holiday greeting cards. 5x7, use with A7 envelopes.




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