One Hit Wonder Rose Gold Paint -High Heat

If any of you have visited here before you may know I test many rose gold paints, well many paints! One Hit Wonder is one of them.

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This a softer rose gold shade. I tested it with my airbrush gun but they do make it in a spray can.

Its more of satin finish with flecks. It dries super fast and doesn’t need primer. Primer can be needed for a more ‘beat’ surface no matter what the paint. Even if it says no primer.

Primer can change to tone of your color. Using black white or gray. Dark primer can deepen the color to a darker shade while white will brighten.

I added a gloss top coat. I used gloss Modge Podge. You could just use a clear gloss spray paint.

This paint can be more durable for knobs, ect with a nice top coat unlike some of the shiny metallic sprays, they tarnish and a top coat ruins the finish too. Its automotive grade paint.

Its also high heat up to 450 degrees.

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