WRx with rose gold rims and tire stickers.

More Rose Gold Rims with White Tire Stickers

I painted a different set of rims this round, painted them similar to my Plasti Dip rim painting post.

I go over in detail on how to prep and paint. Bottom line, you have to clean the crap our of your rims before you paint for a better finish and longevity. I go over how I made my own color of Dip too.

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Rubber Spray Paint: Plasti Dip

This set of rims I did the the base layers of Plasti Dip and air brushed rose gold acrylic paint on top. I top coated in clear gloss Plasti Dip to protect and give it a more glossy finish.

This will be a test to see how it holds with the acrylic layer. So far so good but its only been a few weeks or so.

If anyone has taken a browse here, you know I do glitter! haha. Of course I glittered the center caps navy blue.

I bought my tire letters from Tire Stickers. You can use my Amazon link bombs too. 😉 Tire Stickers also sells there. You have to clean the crap out your tires for best adhesion. Use Acetone or brake cleaner.

I did custom with my website address. Tire Stickers came highly recommended for lasting letters.

The stickers already came shaped to the tire in pieces and the glue to use. They have tutorials on their site.

I also found this on Amazon. I have not tried it but linking it for a rose gold rim spray paint.

I’ll update this post as they wear to see how things hold. I’ll test any paint technique! haha.

Have you painted your rims or used tire stickers? Share your stories and tips.

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