Monster mason jar time. Perfect fun decor or use as a night light. I used yarn, buttons and pipe cleaners with my Elmers Glue All.

Of course these are going to the nephews! haha. You can so make these monster jars with the kids, its a perfect kids craft.

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I used eyelash yarn. Green and yellow. One jar I used Elmers Glue All and the other hot glue. I just brush painted about half the jar using the glue, then wrapped the eyelash yarn. Continued with brushing on the glue and wrapping.

With the glue gun I wrapped and added glue beads here and there as I wrapped.

The Elmers Glue All is a bit messy but works good.

I added buttons for eyes and teeth with a pipe cleaner mouth and horns.

Easily add some LED lights and turn it into a night light.

Have you made a monster mason jar craft? Made anything with the eyelash yarn?

Kids Jars

Eyelash yarm wrapped monster mason jar night lights with mini LED lights. Fun kids craft.

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