Minion Mason Jar Coin Banks

DIY Minion mason jar coin bank.

Minion mason jar time! As Ive talked about in a recent post or two I make my nephews mason jars All the time! LOL.

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I used Ball quart mason jars with acrylic paints for these. I didn’t have the right colors so I had to mix colors. My yellow was pale so I added a drop or two of orange to warm it up.

Painted minion mason jars

Same for the pants. I mixed turquoise, aqua and black together for a ‘denim’ shade. Don’t think you have to have every color, do some mixin’.

DIY Minion mason jar coin bank.

DIY Minion mason jar coin bank.

I glued the eye ball on the seal lid then glued that to the rim lid. I used hot glue.

DIY Minion mason jar coin bank.

Some pipe cleaners for hair! I cut and glued the pieces under the rim lid so I could put the lid back on with them already glued.

DIY Minion mason jar coin bank.

Perfect coin banks. They are at I love Minions age and starting to save money. And well, they are obsessed with mason jars just like Aunt Kelly! LOL.

They make these coin slot lids for mason jars now. They have all kinds of mason jar accessories today! Mason jars have taken over the world! He he.

DIY Minion mason jar coin bank.

DIY Minion mason jar coin bank.

Have you made any Minion mason jars or other fun Minion goodies? Your kids obsessed too? Ha ha.

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DIY Minion mason jar coin banks.


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  1. […] The kids are in huge love with the minions so if you are planning to make anything for them, the minions are a huge inspiration for you! This fun minion mason jar would not only let your kids save his coins in it but also create a very pretty look on tables or other display spots of the kid’s room! Follow the details of the idea here kastyles […]

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