DIY Mason Jar Pallet Bar.

Mason Jar Pallet Bar

Right now I still apartment live so my space is limited. Being the mason jar-DIY-pallet lover… I made a mason jar pallet bar that fit perfect for my space. My space is small in this part of my place so it was hard to shoot! haha

I did some sanding then painted. I didn’t make it perfectly smooth but, cleaned up some of the rough parts most pallets have.

This pallet I kept as is, It was the perfect size.

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I used my sander and watered down white latex paint so it was more of a ‘washed’ finish.

Link bomb.

Alright now its picture bomb time! This project was easy to pop up on the shelf! No major ‘DIY’ with cutting, etc.

Perfect for a ‘newbie’.

My ‘washed’ finish. One quick coat! Missed a bit of the inside there… My bad.. 😉

Mason jar pallet bar.

Mason jar pallet bar.

Let me tell you a fun bar score! 🙂 I told a friend of mine about my pallet jar bar…

My intention with this it to have the few bottles of wine, the few staple liquor options like rum, vodka, and whiskey.

I dont really drink it, I drink wine, its more for guests. I was going to add my few staples, wine, and glasses! Just to have it all in one place and well… look cute and space save. LOL


My friend so hooked me up with jars full of booze! So now its a full on bar! hehe! He said he will never drink it all so he brought jars full and labeled!

SCORE! 😀 Awesomesauce!

Mason jar pallet bar.

You can see in the picture below I had to stash the glasses… the bar became stocked! LOL. You also see my craft storage jars…

They are a bit messy so… ya know a craft life… A bunch of those jars are filled with photo props too.

DIY Mason jar pallet bar.

Threw some decor pieces up, the small copper mason jar has wine keys. I use those ice cream sundae shaped upcycled jars to the left for shot glasses. haha.

DIY Mason jar pallet bar.

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That gray book case a neighbor was going to throw away! Its was an ugly brown and spray paint it I did!

I also have another pallet project coming and you can check out my Pallet Jewelry Rack post.

What have you made from a pallet? How about what do you want to make? I want to make a coffee table next!

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