DIY Lego Head Mason Jars


I made some mini mason jar Lego heads for my nephews.

They are so starting to get into Legos!

They have a collection of mason jars from me! Ha ha.

I did some robot night lights for Christmas and Easter jars.

DIY Lego head mason jars.

I used a yellow from Vaslpar. Honey Carmel, its a deeper warm yellow. Its a perfect fall shade if you are doing fall colors.

I used a half pint from Mainstay and the other jar is a recycled.

I think it was an artichoke jar or roasted peppers…I cant remember… its been sitting in my stash of ‘I’ll make something out of that’ …one day…

Who here has that some day stash? I know you do… total jar hoarder!

I painted their faces, I just sprayed some black spray paint on a beat lid and used a brush.

My nephews will love them, they can store some of their art supplies.

DIY Lego head mason jars

These would be perfect for a Lego themed birthday party or a fun Lego baby shower!

You could make these with Elite pints and use for centerpieces.

I made a Lego Minecraft one and a white Lego head in this post.

DIY Lego head mason jars-2

DIY Lego head mason jars.

Some more Lego head emoji style jars!

Have you made any Lego Heads?

Are your kids obsessed to? LOL

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