Lavender, Peas and Green Beans Oh My

I planted some Lavender last year but it didn’t bloom any flowers… Hooray, this year I have some blooms, Im excited so I had to share! Ha ha, you know the little things in life.

lavender blooming

I want a whole field of lavender! In due time, I still apartment live so no garden area really.

veggie garden

I also planted some peas and green beans. I planted a bit late in the season but they are growing like weeds! The peas have already started to vine up my pallet since this picture. I swear they are super veggies they have grown so fast!

veggie garden-3

Since they are super veggies… do you think I will have super powers from eating them? He he.

green beans

What did you plant this year? How is it growing?

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