How to Ombre Spray Paint Mason Jars

One of my most requested! How to ombre spray paint mason jars.

Start off with painting the bottom of the jar first.

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Then do the top. Start with the bottom up to get the underneath part of the rim then tip sideways. ‘Dust’ your paint over the sides.

You can see in this short video clip.

When your tops done its time for more on the bottom. There will be a light over spray of the top color.

Tip your spray can down so it hits just the bottom of the jar. With some spray cans you can lightly use the trigger so its a lighter stream of spray.

If you’ve never used a spray paint can before do a little practice on some cardboard or the like so you can get the feel for the spray trigger. Not all spray paints are equal.

You can visit my spray painting tips post if you’re a newbie.

For this jar I used Rustoleums copper and gold.

The finished jar! Perfect vase.

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