How to Make Buffalo Check Mason Jars

I had a customer order a couple of Buffalo Check mason jars for a Christmas gift. She wants to gift them for utensil jars.

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I tried painting them and just wasn’t happy with it so I went the fabric route. I picked up a yard from Joanns.

I cut the fabric pieces a bit longer than the jars for full coverage. You could just do it to the jar edge if you wanted to.

I covered the jars with Mod Podge and wrapped the jars so the seam was on the back of the jar. Im covering the seam with black ribbon.

I covered the bottom with glue and folded around the jar like you would upholstery to get it as even as I could.

I then added in a piece of felt to cover it. I coated the whole jar with gloss Mod Podge. You could use matte if you wanted or even a clear spray paint to protect the fabric depending on the use.

You dont have to coat it. I did it to make them long lasting and was for her kitchen to prevent grease, dust, etc from wrecking the fabric.

Here they are dying. Im adding the lids and tucking the fabric under it.

All done. I added the black twine tie to the utensil jars.

Of course I had to turn one into a Christmas set. Its all the ‘rage’.

I made the mini wreaths with these garland ties and the mini bows from the Dollar Tree. I also found these garland ties at Dollar General too.

You can make all sorts of mini wreathes for other projects or to add to gifts.

I took the bows apart to add the mini bell.

I hot glued them on the jar and added the twine tie. They are listed if you want to buy instead of make some.

Have you done any fabric jars or the painted check?

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