Hot Air Balloon Mason Jar

I made this jar as a gift. Its a coin jar or whatever else she wants to use it for. You can put almost anything in a mason jar!

Shes having baby, its for the nursery.


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Spray painted the jar first with Valpars Satin Encounter 85026. For the 3D look I used the Snow-Tex like my snowball mason jar.

I added some turquoise latex paint I had to make the aqua color.


I used DecoArts Banana Cream DA 309 for the yellow and their White Pearl from their metallic line for the clouds.

It has a shimmer finish.


I caked on the White Pearl so it looks ‘fluffy’. I added a mason jar coin slot lid to turn it into a coin bank.



Of course my handy dandy Sharpie Oil Paint pen for the balloon basket.



Have you made a coin bank mason jar or a DIY hot air balloon decor project?

DIY Hot air balloon mason jar coin bank.

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