Why I Don’t Use Every Social Media Platform

Why I Don’t Use Every Social Media Platform

I dont use every social media platform, I just cant. I just dont think you have to either. We do have to be realistic on what we have time for as we grow or fits our brand.

Is your brand drowning in the social media abyss trying to keep up with 10 accounts?? I cannot keep up with all that and I’m a social media savvy gal…

I personally love Instagram and Pinterest, I love its visual simplicity, Im a visual person. Many of us are visual. Im a total Twitter slacker… 😉 Follow me around if you’d like. 😀

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That said, Pinterest really is not social media, its a search engine but, Im going to lump it into this social media post. And yes, a search engine, that will be a post for another day.


Now lets talk Facebook… I dont use Facebook anymore. I know, a business-blogger that doesn’t have Facebook?! Its just not natural… ha ha.

Let me tell you this, I did use Facebook, I used it since it was almost born, I opened a business ‘page’ back in 2005! I was coming from Myspace! LOL.

I liked Myspace, I love you could ‘pimp’ your page. Shame it fell off a cliff.

I had some good business coming from there long ago and started to learn about HTML. Playing around on Myspace helped me today.

Who woulda’ thunk Myspace would start the ball rolling?!

No Facebook?

Facebook didn’t have fan/business pages back then, they were introduced in 2007. I had a ‘regular’ account.

They shut my page down and had me move to a ‘fan’ page. I had to start from zero and I did… It was SO lame starting over but, I made it through.

It had a ‘Golden Era’. 2007-2010 roughly. I rode that train, Rode it to the fullest! Choo, choo! Business boomed, So much Boom it was insane!!! Its like those of you that have boomed from Pinterest or Instagram in this past few years.

So insanely cool, let me tell you a tid bit…

I’m out with some friends at a bar one night, we’re at the bar ordering drinks and food chatting… Someone near over hears me talkin’ biz chat with friends… All the sudden its, OMG, OMG you are so and so??! Shes freaking out! LOL. Ive never had this happen…

Whoa Im Famous!

Me: Yes, Im so and so. She: Squeals, I stalk you on Facebook, your photos are amazing! Then all the friends come over, OMG, OMG too!

Its like I was famous, it was a frickin-fantasical moment. I was famous for 5 whole minutes! He he.


I know what that boom is like. Ride it as long as you can! Social media changes… and it changes fast…

BOOM! Blowin’ Up!

It was absolutely Exhilarating, I Loved Facebook. I wish some of you were on the ‘Golden Era’ Facebook train back then. I’m sure some of you were..

…You know what I’m sayin’.

It was fun while it lasted and then it changed, I adapted, then adapted again and again. Im a hardcore adapter, adapt or die is my motto!

You will never survive in this dog eats dog world if you don’t adapt, right?

Adapt or Die

Then it changed more and more. It became More work to get traffic/interaction to my damn Facebook page over my website on Google! LOL.

I felt it was sucking up time that would be better spent on something that IS working. I started to dislike using it, why use something I just don’t like? The only thing I like is some of the business groups I was part of.

Now I know Facebook can work for some and is Still working but, it just didn’t anymore for me. Sometimes you just have to let things go… Its was quiet a decision after using it for all those years. I didn’t make this lightly.

On a personal note: Its like Facebook is a suck your life vortex! Way too much personal info and dirty laundry too! LOL. Get off Facebook for 5 minutes! Oh my. I had to ditch the noise.


I’m also a firm believer if you don’t like it you just wont put the effort in… This is my case anyways and most I know. I stopped using it, no point having a non active business page…

You may read hire someone or use a automated posting service… Sure they work great but, not everyone is in a place to pay for scheduled post services or staff to handle social media just yet… I was not in that place till recently, it took time to get there. Just like you can get there.

Social media can be very overwhelming specially for someone new.

My advice…

Use the one, two, or three that fits you. I tell any client or colleague even if its just One for now. It is ok you are not on 10 platforms. Better to grow strong on one that have five non active accounts…

Really SEO basics should be your bottom line and social media is the gravy. You can check out my SEO Tips post. This post is more for beginners.

We cant be a master of 10 but can with a few. In time grow into other accounts or hire/use a scheduler.

I personally see my blog as my own ‘social media’ platform. I can interact here just like social media, I can interact at my own home on the net. You visit my home and poke around. Come visit any time!

How do you feel about Facebook and other social media? How many do you use? Feel overwhelmed?

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