Gold leaf mason jar business card holder.

Gold Leaf Mason Jar Candle

If any of you visit regularly you’ll see I’ll try anything with a mason jar! LOL.

Today its gold leaf. Well, its more of a mix with copper. Its was flaked. I was cleaning out my old makeup kit and found a bag of it. I used it back in the day when I did fun crazy makeup working with photographers on models. You can see some of the old school pictures here.

Ok back to the mason jar!Gold leaf mason jars.

I totally forgot to photograph it and went all gung ho making the jars so this is the ‘scrap’ left at the end! Ha ha. You can see the copper in the mix.

I used my Glue-All and covered the jar in the leafing flakes.Gold leaf mason jars.

I let the glue dry and lightly ‘buffed’ out the leafing. I ‘buffed’ with my fingers letting the loose flakes fall off and molding in into the jar. You have to do this gently.

I ended up with a few bare spot I touched up some and some I left, Im turning this into a candle. I love the mix of color.

You can see in this picture below how the light shows through, I Love it! 🙂 I let a tea light burn for hours with no issues.

Gold leaf mason jar candle.

I did also put a quick coat of gloss top coat on to protect it. You know me and tops coats! LOL. Protect anything and everything!

Besides a candle maybe turn it into a business card holder?Gold leaf mason jars.

Gold leaf mason jar business card holder.

Gold leaf mason jars

I made a silver one too but, I have to photograph it still. I did that one a bit differently without the lid. I’ll post when its ready. 🙂

I always wanted to try this but just didn’t buy it yet. Total score when I cleaned out my closet and found my kit with all my old goodies. I have a bunch of jewels I’ll have to use for something! LOL.

While I still do makeup, its referral based and not the ‘fun’ stuff, its bridal and for my shoots with the ladies. You can take a look at my lades here if you’d like.

I want to try out some of the gold leaf sheets on a larger mason jar. Have you tried it? Or the gold leaf on another project? Any tips to share with the leafing?

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