Glitter skull mason jar.

Glitter Skull Mason Jar

A friend of mine graduated from school recently so I wanted to giver her a gift. Of course I gave her a mason jar! She loves black & white and skulls so here we are. Glitter skull mason jar coming up! LOL.


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White spray painted mason jar, black glitter, a black Sharpie oil pen and a glue pen. Using the Sharpie I did the face, this is the base for the black glitter.


Had to give her some lashes. 🙂 After the oil pen dried I took the glue pen and went over it to add the glitter. Do one part at a time, the glue dries fairly quickly.


You can see the glitter explosion I had all over the table! Oopsie.

When it dries just gently brush the glitter clung to the jar.

I added a bow with black twine. I also went over the glitter parts with clear nail polish so it doesn’t shed. I didn’t want the jar glossy so thats my ‘clear coat’.

She said shes probably going to use it for makeup brushes, sure she has tons of brushes.. It was Esthetician school so makeup and skin are her thing!


I see such cute girly skull goodies on the market today. You could make this for your tween, maybe a pink bow or the like? My friend is so not into pink… ha ha!

Do you have a friend or family member into skulls?

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