Glitter Santa Mason Jars

More Christmas jars! I made some glitter Santa’s and snowmen. You can check out how to glitter in my DIY Glitter post.

You can also check out my other snowmen!

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Made the jar red glitter with the lip white glitter. I added some white acrylic paint to the lip to make it more white. White glitter is only so ‘white’…  Glued the black ribbon and painted a mini wooden heart gold then added the gold glitter.

Santa mason jar vase or gift jar. #santadecor

This Santa jar I painted and glittered the lid instead of the rim and used the wide mouthed Ball quarts..

Another Santa jar! How many Santas can one have? 😉 This one was spray painted red with a red glitter spray paint added on top. Just a black bow with this one.

Santa mason jar vase or gift jar. #santadecor

More holiday jars!

Snowmen luminaries! You can see other Snowmen here I made. These ones below I didnt paint first so they can be used as a luminary.

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Snowman mason jar decor. #snowmen

I brought the jars for a local sale and added holiday plants. 🙂

Dont forget to check out my DIY Glitter post if you want to make some! 🙂 Dont want to make one you can buy from my Etsy shop.

What holiday mason jars have you made this year?

More Glitter

More Christmas

Glitter Santa mason jar decor.

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