Glitter Light Bulb Ornament

Glitter Light Bulb Ornament

Many moons ago I had a photo studio and I had these lights I used for my makeup mirror.

I did lots of boudoir-glamour with hair and makeup back then. This is an after renovation shot. You can see the lighting with the round bulbs. I still have these lights and bulbs kicking around! LOL. I miss my studio badly but, life changes, eh?

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Ok on with the light bulb! Here is a way to upcycle blown bulbs. Its great giving things thrown away new life. Holiday ornaments!


Some turquoise glitter. Of course I used my Elmers Glue All! Brushed on the glue. Im also using some silver ribbon to make the hanger.


Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle!


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I let it sit on the ribbon holder to dry. Lesson learned, should of tied the hanging tie first to hang dry! So tie first! 🙂 I dont know what I was thinkin’.

Well, I guess I wasn’t thinkin’ eh? Ha ha. See, this is why I share! 😉



A bow and tie to hang it. I tied the hanging tie tightly around the bulb base.


Dont forget to clear coat so your glitter wont shed and it will last for years.

On the tree.

DIY Turquoise Glitter Light bulb tree ornament.

Fun way to upcycle blown bulbs. Sucks I didn’t save some of the ones that blew years back! I do have some smaller blow round bulbs I’ll have to glitter up too! 🙂

Update: The other bulb. This one was white so I did and icy snowball look. I just brushed the glue to look like icicles and used a white glitter.

DIY Glitter light bulb ornament.

DIY Glitter light bulb ornament.

Have you upcycled light bulbs for a crafty project?

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Upcycled glitter light bulb holiday ornament.

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  1. Beautiful! I love glitter!

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Me too! haha.

  2. What kind of glitter do you use and where can I buy it?

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