Glitter Fairy Mason Jars with Moss

I had a customer reach out looking for fairy mason jars. She sent me some inspiration photos but wanted moss on her jars.

Ive seen them all over the net but have not made any so it was perfect she reached out. I like making new jars. 🙂

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For the glitter I used gloss Modge Podge with Crystal Clear fine glitter from Bulk Glitters.

I bought the fairies from a fellow Etsy seller at Cherokee Treasures. I used her 2in fairy die cuts.

I picked up the moss at a craft store and glued it on the rim with Elmers Glue All.

I used E6000 to glue part of the fairy to the jar then brushed Gloss Modge Podge over most of the fairy to stick to the jar.

Using the gloss you wont see any glue haze from inside the jar. Elmers dries clear but does have a light haze. You dont want to see the haze when you light your jars.

I also used the Modge Podge as a top coat to prevent glitter shedding. You can use clear gloss spray paint too. Coat your glitter and let dry before adding your moss. The moss is a bit messy and sheds so you dont want it stuck in the glitter.

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Have you made fairy jars? Any tips for my readers making yours?

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