Ghost and skull painted mason jars for Halloween.

Fall Mason Jars, Pumpkins & Halloween

Today Im going to share fall and Halloween mason jars. A round up of jars I made over the years. 🙂

I love fall, well I have a love/hate relationship with fall because I know cold and snow is coming… and dark at 4pm! But… I love the colors, smells, and flavors. Halloween and Thanksgiving too!

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Ok on to jars. This pumpkin is a large upcycled pickle jar.

Pumpkin mason jar

I just spray painted the pickle jar orange, then lightly sprayed some yellow, green and a darker orange for some speckles. I also sprayed the twine green for the tie and Sharpied the face.

Pumpkin mason jar

The Elite pint mason jar. I love these pints! They make a perfect pumpkin! I found some actual green twine for this jar. No more spray painting it. Ha ha.

pumpkin mason jars-2

A glitter pumpkin. I made this as a gift for a friend.

Glitter pumpkin mason jars

More mason jars painted like pumpkins.

fall pumpkin mason jars-10

Pumpkin and ghost party favors for the kids at my nephews Halloween costume party. The kids loved the jars! We all loved the jars. He he. Filled with goodies like candy, tattoos, pencils, and trinkets.

Halloween mason jar party favors. Ghosts and pumpkins.

More Halloween mason jars. Ghost and skull with glitter. I used a Sharpie oil pen and a glue pen for the glitter. How to in this post.

Ghost and skull painted mason jars for Halloween.

And.. last but not least a glitter candy corn jar! I made this for my mom to bring as a gift to a Halloween party. I spray painted using painters tape.

Glitter candy corn mason jar.

Then used Elmers Glue-All with a brush and added glitter on each layer. I did a free hand for the glitter but you could always use painters tape. My mom added a ribbon and flowers.

glitter candy corn mason jar

I have some other fall style jars from this post from a couple of years back.

Have you made fall and Halloween mason jars? Or used upcycled jars like the pickle jar pumpkin? I see so many cute mason jar crafts out there! Share yours.

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